Think different

Around 15 years ago I participated the 3 years CIL program „What do we people need“.
Together with other participants of the program I stayed in the South of Ghana.
After an inspiring day with our Ghanian partners, I was sitting together with a professor at the University in Accra – Kumani (around 60 years old)- who was writing in that time a book about Ashanti proverbs and how they are used in everydays life. Continue reading “Think different”

At the Butcher Shop

The air conditioning system is cooling the air down to 18° C . I stand behind the counter and smell only faintly the sausage and the meat which lie before me in the display.

A customer comes in the door and steers toward the fresh meat. I am alone in the shop and go to her. “Good day madam, which I can do for you?”, I ask her. It turns out that the customer would like to have two chicken breasts. Continue reading “At the Butcher Shop”

Rural Women

Good morning. Well received your email. Many women are facing this situation of climate change at home particulary those in the rural areas. At this moment we are preparing the international rural day many discussions are going on this women have to change their clothes so that they will not have seekness and they have also not to stay long in the farm because of climate changes. Continue reading “Rural Women”

Treber & Wannig on Tour

Treber & Wannig auf Reisen

The first impulse from the global South for the initial workshop in 2016 was given from the experiences from a journey made by Monika Treber and Ute Wannig to visit long-time project partners of CIL in Guatemala and Costa Rica in June 2016. The theme „Climate Change in Everyday Life – what do we know and how does it affect our actions?“ played a major role in the discussions with agents of civil society and the local population. Continue reading “Treber & Wannig on Tour”