Rural Women

Good morning. Well received your email. Many women are facing this situation of climate change at home particulary those in the rural areas. At this moment we are preparing the international rural day many discussions are going on this women have to change their clothes so that they will not have seekness and they have also not to stay long in the farm because of climate changes.

[Marie Toko, Bomono/Kamerun]

2 thoughts on “Rural Women”

  1. I would like to know a little more specifically:
    Change more often because there is more heat, the women sweat more and their clothes become soiled more quickly?
    And what does that have to do with becoming sick? Is the air polluted?
    I’d be very interested in learning more, so I can understand better…

    1. at ? (if you write your real name or a nickname, it would be better, then I can speak to you directly)
      so dear ?… your question is very basic. No, the air is not dirty. But everything else which could be helpful to you I will pass on to Marie Toko in Bamono, Cameroon. She will give you some answers.

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