About this blog


A big topic – CLIMATE CHANGE – in the EVERYDAY LIVES of people made tangible

We are inviting you to an international discussion in this blog. Our concern is the fears which we discover in our everyday lives and which could have something to do with climate change.

In search of these fears and problem situations the chairperson of CIL, Dr. Monika Treber, and the international coordinator, Ute Wannig, travelled to Guatemala and Costa Rica this year. Here they wanted to visit the colleagues from many years of joint international dialogue and begin conversations on the topic with them and people in organisations and individual households.

  • What experiences have you had in your everyday life which you connect with climate change?
  • What concerns do you have about this?
  • What perspectives about these concerns have you already developed?


About the course of the blog:

When we begin with it and invite you to participate in the blog, then some things have already taken place:

  • The search for stories from people about CLIMATE CHANGE IN DAILY LIFE has begun.
  • You can find the first contributions from the Philippines, from Benin and Cameroon, as well as from Germany, Guatemala and Costa Rica.
  • Now we are stopping these preparations and are interested in what you, from your side, are inspired to do.
  • Of course it is also possible to comment on the contents, but it is important to us that you put these comments in the frame of your own story or experience.
  • Your posts will be translated without delay.  So you can participate in the languages english, spanish and german.
  • You are also invited to involve people from your immediate circle in participation.
  • Timetable:
We intend to keep this blog,”Stories of Climate Change in Everyday Life,” open until mid February 2017.  Should the sources dry up before then, then we will adapt.
From mid February until the end of March  we will open the second chapter of the blog.
In the second chapter we will devote ourselves to asking questions, comments and most of all the contextualising of the stories from the first chapter of the blog.
From the 7th. to 9th. of April 2017 we will invite you to emerge from the internet as real people and come to an evaluation in Frankfurt/M.